About Fruit4Good

Fruit4Good was started by two Los Altos High School students, Abhinav and Manav, because of their love for Living Classroom in elementary school. From a young age, Abhinav loved watching seeds grow into large plants bearing fruits and vegetables. This love for nurturing plants was the reason he joined the LASD Gives Back program at Egan Middle School as a volunteer. Abhinav has been helping to grow different fruits and vegetables in an LASD school garden that gives them to local families in need. This experience motivated him and his twin brother Manav to create Fruit4Good, where they pluck extra fruits and vegetables from other people's backyards and donate them to local food banks. Our mission is to help bring food to the table of people in need, reduce food waste, and benefit the community.

Abhinav today

Abhinav holding fruits and vegetables


Abhinav Bhargava

Abhinav is a rising senior at Los Altos High School who loves going for walks and being around nature especially water. He enjoys reading books, listening to music, and watching movies at home.

Abhinav plucking fruit

Manav today

Abhinav & Manav together


Manav Bhargava

Manav is a rising senior at Los Altos High School who is passionate about volunteer work. He enjoys the outdoors and loves playing sports.

Manav plucking fruit